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Infor SunSystems is a powerful financial accounting solution, he integrated financial management, purchasing, inventory, and sales management solutions, It is well suited to companies with complex lines of business or multiple locations, he growing these organizations. Business needs this solution to get a real-time view of all the moving parts that make a business tick, and turn financial information into profitable action.


- Unicode enablement of Business Unit database
- Right-to-left UI presentation for new Arabic and other languages
- Extended analysis capabilities
- Enterprise Data Management (EDM)
- Business Unit Administration
- Common BU data moved to Domain for more flexible implementations


iPOS is a browser-based solution that harnesses the latest technical innovations to deliver an intuitive, easy-to-use requisitioning system. This approach is the cornerstone to delivering significant cost savings, operational efficiencies and a greater return on investment.


- Purchase-to-pay process automation easing the finance department burden
- integrates with other systems such as supplier catalogues and marketplaces, third party logistics or asset maintenance systems
- web-based and mobile device to support your active workforce
- Purchase Invoice Automation improves paper based invoice management
- Dashboard provides quick at-a-glance information: identify issues/bottlenecks, track spend, identify savings
- XMPro for iPOS supports other workflow-based activities with user-defined business rules such as traffic request-review-approve workflow 


With SmartPOS you can offer unrivaled shopping experience to your customers at the point of sale as well as standardize back-office functionalities such as purchase, sales,inventory, customer relationship programs, promotions, special / festival offers and so on.SmartPOS is for all those retailers who look for customer-focused and performance-oriented solution to transform their retail enterprise. SmartPOS comes with three variants to suit the needs of the Textile, Pharmacy and Retail enterprises. Nevertheless SmartPOS can be tailored to suit any type and any size of retail establishment to meet the specifics of the industry such as pharmacy, textile, retail stores, super markets, hypermarkets,convenience stores and so on.


- User & Data Management - Enables the administrator of the system to configure the users of the POS terminals and to maintain the support data to perform the POS activities.
- Purchase Management - Enables you to manage all purchase related activities such as purchase quotation enquiry, purchase order approval, purchase entry, etc.
- Sales Management - Helps you to manage all sales activities such as sales quotation enquiry, sales order approval, sales entry, etc.
- Inventory Management - Empowers your inventory with stock statements, stock transaction details, re-order levels and so on.
- Accounts Management - Enables you to maintain perfect account at any given point of time with accurate data of receivables and payables.
- Customer Relationship Management - Facilitates you to set up excellent customer relationship programs such as customer reward points, special offers, promotions and so on.
- Audit & Sessions Management - Enables the administrator to set up sessions for the users and to track the changes of the selected user.
- Reports Management - Provides you with excellent MIS reports that can be exported in various formats such as PDF, Excel, etc. 


IBM Financial Consolidation on Cloud, powered by Cognos, supports the close, consolidation and reporting process with the agility and affordability of a cloud-based solution. It enables finance teams to automate and accelerate the financial close with minimal IT support. It also helps finance teams deliver financial results, create informative financial and management reports and provide the chief financial officer (CFO) with an enterprise view of key financial ratios and metrics.


- Reduce close and report times
- Manage your own solution
- Automate processes
- Enhance audit control 


SmartAsset is a complete asset tracking Solution that enables users to record, control and track every change that occurs during and asset’s lifecycle. Features like warranties, maintenance contracts, insurance are all handled with an easy to use interface and the possibility alerting in case of expiration.


- Unlimited assets
- Unlimited custom reports
- Configurable email alerts
- Barcode scanning with device
- Accessible on all devices
- Asset Pictures and Documents
- Accessible anywhere with internet access
- Audit reports
- Ability to change the status of an asset any time
- Ability to track assets by asset code, person, location, department, category and so on
- API/Interface for 3rd Party Integration
- Role-Based Security 


Imove is an adaptable application with limitless possibilities like Job sheets & team managementInventories, Questionnaires, Site plan mark up, Vehicle damage, Unit installation, maintenance and repair


- reduce travel costs taking paperwork around sites & workers collecting job sheets
- waste-free form filling
- compliance with government and customer requirements
- quickly respond to customers
- paperwork in one place – access anywhere with an internet connection
- show job completion, damage, or anything else with a photo
- confirm delivery, completion or compliance with a signature
- spend free time with friends and family, not admin tasks